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We worked really hard to develop PekarStasHUD v4.0 for 

Holdem Manager 2 with all the necessary stats and pop-up windows 

for the best online poker experience.

This is probably one of the best collection of stats and pop-up windows for modern online poker. Poker HUD includes more than 150+ most important stats for reading the opponents and their hand ranges.

Description of the main HUD stats

We have included only the most importat stats for you to make correct and quick decisions based on the gameplay of your opponents.

We tried to keep it simple and removed all the unnecessary stats from the HUD to make it easier for you to use it.

In case, if you would like to go deeper in the statistics of your opponents you can find additional information in the pop-up windows.

"Simple, Effective and Easy to Use. What I love the most about this HUD is that it includes only the most important stats for me to make wise decisions during the game. It just works!"

Kalina Regular 50-100NL

PekarStasHUD v4.0 Players reviews

"I have been successfully using the previous version of PekarStas HUD for more than 2 years. The new version became even better and the new design is just gorgeous."

MorisDay12 Regular 100-200-400NL


1. Is PekarStas HUD v.4.0 available for PokerTracker 4?

- Unfortunately, at this moment in time PekarStas is only available for Holdem Manager 2.

2. If I purchase PekarStasHud v4.0, will I be able to receive the new versions of PekarStasHUD?

- Yes. If you purchase the current version of PekarStasHUD, you will be granted an access to the latest versions of the PekarStasHUD.

Increase your winrate with PekarStasHUD v4.0

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